Tambuku Rhodesian Ridgebacks

Ridgebacks of Africa



Calypso (Clachlan Mystic Dephi) will be bred to Madumbe (Roodedraai Madumbe) by means of frozen semen.

This litter should be ready to leave for their new home by mid January 2013.


Calypso is a substantial and powerful old-fashioned girl from old South African and Rhodesian breeding. Her father Tambuku Yesaba Bobese has produced puppies who have prooved themselves as working dogs in the African Bushveld and farms, and as show dogs in Canada and Germany. Some of Canada's top winning dogs have come from him.

Calypso shows good bone, good angulation and lovely and correct lines. She is elegant, yet powerful and athletic. She is a classic wheaten in colour with dark brown eyes.

She is very outgoing in temperament, active, curious, and protective. She is also very eager to please and to be part of any domestic activity.

Calypso has not been shown due to work commitments by her owners.




Scissor Bite and Full Dentition.

H.D. 0:0 ; E.D.0:0




Madumbe was a medium-sized, powerful and impressive young dog. He comes from successful International show lines.

Madumbe had good bone, lovely angulation fore and aft, with well let-down hocks. He was substantial, powerful, yet graceful with a beautiful free movement with good reach and drive.  His colour was a lively wheaten with an orange base. His eyes were large and dark brown.

In temperament Madumbe was very devoted to his owners and pack, and very protective of both. He had a very happy and bouyant fun personality.

Madumbe was not shown due to owner's work commitments.





Scissor but and full dentition.

HD: 0:0 ; ED: 0:0


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