Tambuku Rhodesian Ridgebacks

Ridgebacks of Africa

Three Sisters


Faelan is one of only three puppies from the dog Roodedraai Madumbe, and from their mother Clachan Mystic Delphi.

She is a cubby well-boned and substantial bitch of moderate height. She possesses a lovely morphology, pretty movement and with a lively, inquisitive and mischevious disposition. She is intelligent and very easy to train. She socialises well with people and others dogs in situations outside of her home.

She is the middle-sized girl from the litter of three girls born born through AI in November 2012. The straws from which this litter came were 6 years on ice before being used.

A classic wheaten colour with very little white on her chest and dark round eyes. She has a lovely expression. She also embodies the type of Rhodesian Ridgeback that is often preferred in South Africa, being substantial and protective, she has an old pioneering look about her, while retaining elegance and aesthetic appeal. She also ready shows signs being an excellent and confident protector of person and home. In fact Faelan retains some of the older breed characteristics which has become less common in recent years.

One of her most remarkable features is her lovely head and expression which is typical of this line. She also has lovely straight legs from the front, good and moderate angulation all round, strong hindquarters and well let-down hocks. She has strong well-padded and tight feet. Her pigmentation is strong. Her ridge is broad and long with crowns opposite. Her neck is of moderate length and elegant. She has very slight cheek planes, and correct large ears. Another unusual quality are the many colour variations in her ocat which she has inherited from her mother raanging from a dark red wheaten to a very blond wheaten colour.

Her grandfather Tambuku Yesaba Bobese has proved himself to be an outstanding sire of show and working Rhodesian Ridgebacks in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Canada, America, and now Europe. All current progeny from this dog have resulted from only two matings, and the line retains its exclusivity.

Faelan has been Hip Graded as A2:A2 and graded 0:0 on her elbows.







Peaches is the second puppy from the Roodedraai Madumbe X Clachan Mystic Delphi litter.

She is the smallest puppy in the litter,but perhaps the most wide-awake of all. She is very lively. She is the dominant sister of the three. Peaches is a glorious and  lively cream golden liver colour, with a correct liver nose and large round amber eyes. While she does not have a ridge, she is very nicely put together.

Peaches has a cubby appearance with good bone and very sound and strong morphology. She has a deep and very strong muzzle, and a full dentition. Her large ears frame her face closely and beautifully. Other than her lack of a ridge she has no apparent faults. She is well ribbed-up, has capacious heart and lung room, a lovely crested neck of good length, good width between her chest and shoulder blades, straight front legs, tight and well-padded feet. She has a strong back, good tuck-up and deep chest. Peaches also has a moderate slope and good length to her croup, and good length of, and a correctly placed tail. Her angulation front and rear is moderate and more than adequate. There are no extremes in this dog except for her rather rare and remarkable colour which is very striking indeed.

Although without a ridge Peaches displays great quality in type, harmony in structure, and she is equisite to behold with a aristocratic and lofty presence.

Peaches is also very easy to train, very energetic and attentive. She is a highly motivated dog, which strong guarding instinct and very sharp senses of sight, scent and hearing.





Tambuku Storm Rising

Storm is a tall and substantial girl with abundant bone, yet elegant and very athletic. She is very fast at full speed and a fluid side-movement. She has a very happy and bouyant personality. She is confident in herself. Excited and interactive out of the home, she is easy to integrate among crowds of people and in traffic and busy urban centres, yet she is highly protective at home, and an excellent guard dog, even at 2 years of age. She is very alert. Storm is intelligent and easy to train with a strong will to please and to be praised.

Structure and Conformation

Head: Storm has a good head with good width between the ears, a good stop, good width to muzzle and a slight gradation onto the cheek plane. She has a big nose, large, round, dark eyes and well-set large ears. She also has a correct and full dentition with scissor bite. Her lips fit tightly over the teeth.

















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