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Sabrina (Tribal Fire)


Sabrina (Tribal Fire) is the daughter of the imported Australian bred sire Jubaan (Usakose The Boy from Oz at Roodedraai) and the dam Lionland Lilli of imported German and old Rhodesian and South African lines.



Sabrina is a tall, extremely athletic girl. She is the delightful combination of bone, muscle, size and elegance all wrapped up in one packet. Her extraordinarily graceful movement adds to her magic, a movement very much like that of a dressage horse that floats trough its paces.


Full of delightful contradictions, this girl is sugar and spice, with both an enchantingly sweet and naughty character which is provocatively alluring to any Ridgeback


lover. She abounds with personality just fighting to find full expression. Sabrina is highly interactive with her owners and very vocal in voicing her opinions, or state of emotions at any one time.


Sabrina is highly intelligent with advanced problem solving abilities. She is biddable, obedient and so easy to train with a strong desire to please us at all times. This wish to please, her intelligence and bountiful personality have perhaps found expression most succinctly in an incident that took place during a private training session. I had just arrived at the small enclosed garden which served as the training ground for a session on an obstacle course. I let Sabrina off lead and turned to the trainer for a short chat. During our conversation I noticed that the dog had disappeared and, a little worried as to what she might be up to, looked about for her. Both trainer and owner were flabbergasted to see the dog occupying herself trotting up and down the raised plank and popping over various obstacles all on her own. She had only ever done it once before and this had been months ago!


I add to Sabrina’s many and various attributes speed, endurance and sensitivity. She is plainly one of the most useful and easiest to live with Ridgebacks I have known. She is certainly one of the most endearing and charming. I am so very lucky to have her.


Born: 16/08/04





































(Clachlan Mystic






Calypso (Clachlan Mystic Delphi) must be the happiest Ridgeback I have ever known. She certainly has the most spontaneous energy. Bouncy, bubbly, playful, humerous…and naughty – all describe Calypso perfectly. Her naughty and playful streak must have come down through her father Tambuku Yesaba Bobese (see Tambuku Old Boy's Club), and his from Roodedraai Luapula Puku (see Tambuku Grand Dames) of the great dark round eyes. That is not to say that her mother, the good natured and exhuberant Roodedraai Starlet of Clachlan had nothing to do with it, for she too, is a fountain of boundless energy and fun.


Hailing almost exclusively from old Rhodesian and South African lines, Calypso is also proud to announce that she carries the blood of the well-known liver-nose sire Globe’s Roving Red Regent who stamped quality, sound temperament and deep and lively colour onto his progeny. Shangara, Glenaholm, Roodedraai, Isimanga, Mushana – these are just some of the native kennel names to which Calypso can claim an origin, and an inheritance.


This is a strongly-built, compact, muscular hound. Like her aunty Vumba (Roodedraai Mbedzi) she is a rubber ball, every inch of her. She has a lovely strong head with deep muzzle and well-placed ears, something that is a brand mark which Tambuku Yesaba Bobese stamps onto almost every puppy he produces. This bitch also has a lovely rich red colour interspersed with lighter blond areas reminiscent of her extremely pretty blonde great grandmother Roodedraai Gunney of the enormous dark round eyes. Calypso also has to be one of the most gymnastic of Ridgebacks with tremendous power coming from those ample hindquarters. She is very similar in both looks and gymnastic ability to her three quarter brother Tambuku Chocolat Soldier.


Clever, easy to train, biddable for a Ridgeback, but still with an independent mind, Calypso is a wonderful, fun pet. Like her three quarter sister Tambuku African Tail she doubles up as an exemplary hot water bottle, a duty, it seems that every Ridgeback is able to fulfill – some just a little better than others.


Born: 27/03/2005