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Tambuku Tiger Moon

Tambuku Tiger Moon is the youngest bitch at Tambuku Kennels, having been born in 2010.

She is the daughter of Tribal Fire and Von Luc Zephyr of Roodedraai.

Tiger Moon is a little more feminine and slighter in build than her mother, but other than that she is very similar to her. Tiger Moon, like Tribal Fire is very protective, but has a lovely, soft and gentle nature. She is also very intelligent and easy to train. While she is being trained in obedience, search and rescue and scent discrimination, Tiger Moon is unlikely to be used as a working hound, as she is very much a pet. She also has a strong hunting drive.

Tiger Moon is likely to be shown although we have not yet presented her as a show dog.

Tiger Moon has lovely conformation, moderate angulation and a light and pretty movement. She is a beautiful wheaten in colour with no white markings. She has strong pigmentation and correct colour eyes. And while she is a substantial girl she also possesses elegance, femininity and grace. All in all she is a very typical Rhodesian Ridgeback of the traditional African type.

This little girl is easy to handle and keep, easy to take out in public, very good with people and superb with other dogs and animals.

Tiger Moon is Hip Graded 0.0 and graded clear on elbows.

Her father, Von Luc Zephyr of Roodedraai, is a small, nicely put-together dog with a soft and gentle nature. He is very much the gentleman, and quite old-fashioned in type approaching the old Mushana look. He lives in the Central Drakensberg of South Africa and has proved himself to be well-suited to this harsh environment. He is protective and very athletic, capable of running many kilometres in this rugged terrain as an eight year old dog.

Zephyr has many fine qualities including his lovely nature, strong head, moderate size, abundant bone, nice big well-padded and strong feet, moderate angulation and graceful neck. He has passed many of his wonderful features on to his puppies. Zephyr come from very successful show lines which have proved themselves both in Africa, America and Europe. In his breeding are also to be found are well-known African hounds.

For more photos of Tiger Moon please refer to our gallery.