Tambuku Rhodesian Ridgebacks

Ridgebacks of Africa

Roodedraai Madumbe





Madumbe is the much-treasured male addition to the Tambuku Ridgeback clan, following in the pawprints of  Tatsfield King Siddartha  and Tambuku Choclat Soldier.


Son of Umjumi Duma of Umjumi Kennels and Von Luc Rizpah of Roodedraai, Madumbe is a substantial boy with abundant bone and muscle, and a greatly endearing powerful head.  In addition he has a superb ridge, is exceptionally well-angulated fore and aft and has an outstanding side movement with tremendous drive. There is much to like about this boy.


Madumbe’s bright, deep gold-orange wheaten colouration is a give-away of his strongly coloured liver-colouration, as his mother is a lovely liver-nosed bitch, also with remarkably good side-movement. It is also a testament to the blonde hue of his lovely father Umjumi Duma, a  colour which one sees less and less due to current fashionable trends, and should this trends continue, a traditional African colour which we may very well lose altogether.


In the time-honoured tradition of the Tambuku boys, Madumbe is an out-and-out gentleman with his home harem. These receive prolonged daily facial nibbles and expensive grooming treatments. Unfortunately for Madumbe, the Tambuku bitche’s do not seem to appreciate these exclusive attentions and are not shy about putting the big boy in his place, something he is willing to permit them in his good-natured way.  Always the gentleman, Madumbe also concedes to the girls preference regarding sleeping arrangements and culinary matters.


Nevertheless, inspite of his homely domestic attributes Madumbe is an outstanding and formidable protector of his caregivers. He is especially  defensive over Sian. Strange large men in particular should respect Madumbe’s concerns.


This hound is an excellent hunter and tracker. He has a phenomenal sense of scent and is wide-awake to environmental cues. He is intelligent, playful, with a highly developed sense of humour and roguish manner.


Madumbe’s favourite pastime is watching TV from his own TV chair. Programs screened on Animal Planet are of particular interest to him and can fill many hours of his day. It seems however, that his personal favourite program is Ghost Hunters.


Madumbe is a charming, endearing, cute pet with a propensity to talk in a growly voice. Growlypants would be a good nickname for him. He is as soft as putty with his caregivers and companion dogs, and very easy to handle in the home. He is however,  also a serious working hound, and a fine example of the breed.


Being clear on both hips and elbows, Madumbe is available for use as a stud dog on selected bitch’s.