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Tambuku Silky Sitric

Tambuku Silky Sitric is one of two young dogs at Tambuku Kennels. He is full brother to Tiger Moon with his mother being Tribal Fire and Von Luc Zephyr of Roodedraai.

The litter from which he came was so exceptional that we could not resist keeping the little bitch and two of her brothers, Sitric being one of them.

Sitric's Name: His unusual name hails from the once great Hiberno-Norse King of Dublin, Sitric Silkbeard. He was named in the Celtic tradition as his mother's call name is Sabrina, who was the Celtic goddess of the sacred River Severn in England. Similarly, his sister Camilla has also been given a Celtic name.

Temperament: Sitric is a cute, outgoing, bubbly and extravert little man. He is always in a good mood and gets along with everybody -- dog and human. he is kept together with his big litter brother Tambuku Hunter's Moon, along with four bitches. Sitric is the ultimate gentleman getting along with other dogs, including male dogs, and fine with small dogs. Sitric and his brother Hunter's Moon are kept together without incident, and enjoy each other's company.

Sitric is easy to take out in public spaces, is happy to walk about town in traffic, and often visits restaurants. nevertheless, he is always watchful for any sign of danger towards his people. Sitric is very sociable, if aloof, and easy to handle at close quarters in public spaces, often visiting restaurants, coffee shops, fairs, and shopping centres.

Function: Sitric is extremely intelligent and is very easy to train, with a highly developed aptitude for picking up new exercises and tricks in a very short while, sometimes just after being shown once. Because of this remarkable personality and ability to learn he is intended for use in Search and Rescue. Sitric is being trained in scent discrmination, and these skills, coupled with his bush sense and instinct to work with wild African game will hopefully prove useful when employed in nature reserves and wilderness areas on the scent of wounded game and poacher trails. This would be an important activity for a Ridgeback in Africa given the present high degree of poaching on the southern African sub-continent, most espepcially concerning Rhinos.

Add to this the fact that this dog has a strong hunting instinct and strong protective drive when called for, inspite of his lovely personality, makes him even more valuable as a functional hound in a variety of spheres.


Sire's Pedigree












Von Luc Zephyr

Of Roodedraai (Bundi)





Ch. And Ch. USA Karoskloof

Bayezana Naka


 Ch. Kulima Love that Red of


Ch. And Ch. Zim. Globe’s Roving

Red Regent


Ch. Tatsfield Red Regent Charm of Kulima




Ch. Karos Nomsa of



Ch. Pronkberg Matange


Ch. Camelia









Ch. Roodedraai Twister of

Von Luc




Ch. Calibre Winds of Change

Of Nomvuyo


Ch. And Ch. Zim. Globe’s Roving Red Regent


Nomvuyo Fanzi Camilla of Calibre





Ch. Roodedraai Pampata


Ch. Pronkberg Matange



Ch. Danest Red Mystery of Roodedraai


Dam's Pedigree












Tribal Fire (Sabrina)





Ch. Usakose The Boy from Oz at Roodedraai



Aust. Ch. Caprivi Gun O Mfumo

Aust. Ch. Caprivi Inside Edge


Aust. Ch. Grosberspals Cupid




Aust. Ch. Usakose Town Temptress


Aust. Ch. Usakose Talk of the Town


Aust. Ch. Usakose Tailored Edition









Lionland Lilli




Ch. Roodedraai Blaze


Ch. Mushana Benji of Cartouche (Imp)


Ch. Roodedraai Golden Bracken





Watermill Anysberg


Jukskeirivier Jason of Watermill



Sanbonani of Watermill


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