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Tambuku Hunter's Moon


Hunter's Moon is one of two male Ridgebacks kept at Tambuku Kennels. He is a magnificent animal with lovely flowing lines. He is immensely strong and athletic and possesses many characteristics that are slowly being lost from the modern gene pool. he promises to be a good choice of sire for working, pet and showing progeny. When stacked all four square he covers a substantial amount of ground, much more so than ordinarily covered by a Ridgeback.

Hunter's Moon has a lovely strong male head with level planes, a defined stop, depth of muzzle, strong underjaw, and smooth cheek planes. He also has a full dentition. Some of these features are becoming hard to find in modern populations. His magnificent head is set proudly upon an an elegant arched neck of good length, which flows smoothly into sloping powerful shoulders. He has a pronounced and visible prosternum and abundant fill in front. He has a lovely deep chest which rises smoothly into his loin, without exaggeration.

This dog has abundant bone and his straight front legs are well-placed below his withers. His feet are large, round well-padded and with strong black nails and well-arched toes, most suitable for an African working dog on hard and soft ground. He has a lovely and very correct top-line with a gentle slope over the croup and correctly placed tail. He has good depth to his chest with abundant heart and lung room.

Hunter's Moon has very good angulation in front and moderate angulation behind as is fitting for a long-distance walker and trotter. His shoulders are muscular and powerful as are his powerful hindquarters. He has good width between his hip bones, and a good length of loin, being flexible and well-coupled.




This hound's colour is a classic and traditional wheaten with a white patch between his chest. He has strong pigmentation.

If one were to find fault with this dog it would be to say that he has more skin than is usual about his neck and head, but in our opinion this is a small fault on such a quality dog. He is also over-standard in height and weight.

Hunter has a commendable temperament, being gentle, and loving, full of fun and with a sense of humour. He is good outside the home with other people and dogs, and will willingly play with little male dogs. He is kept together with his litter brother Tambuku Silky Sitric, and they enjoy one another's company.

This big hound is being trained in Search and Rescue and in Scent Discrimination.

All in all, Hunter is a gentleman with lovely lines, many commendable characteristics, and he hails from successful southern African and International show lines with some well-known dogs in his pedigree. His father is Von Luc Zephyr of Roodedraai and his mother is Tribal Fire. Hunter has liver on both father and mothers' lines.

He is graded HD 0.0 on hips and clear on elbows.

Frozen semen is available for two litters to quality bitches.

For more photos of Hunter please refer to our gallery.


Scissor Bite

Full Dentition

Degenerative Myolopathy Clear on Both Allelles

Blue Dilute Free (DD)

Heterozygous for Liver Gene (Bb)

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