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Of Dogs of Africa author and canid researcher Dr. Michael Fox has said:

'This is one of the most remarkable books that I have ever read. The author provides a beautifully written, compassionate and scholarly study of the origins of many dogs breeds or races, some as endangered today as the people with whom they have co-evolved over millennia. The brilliance of this book is it's depth and scope coupling in field observations with extensive literature research and documentation. It is essential reading for those interested in human- non-human animal relationships, the history of domestication, and the roles of dogs in the emergence of human cultures in the "cradle" of Africa's genesis. Anyone who enjoys the companionship of a natural, or pariah dog, or one of the breeds that originated from Africa or Mesopotamia, will not want to put this book down.

Dogs of Africa is the most comprehensive and up-to-date guide to the dogs of Africa and surrounds, and of dogs with a history reaching back to the African continent. It is the only publication which discusses a wide range of breeds native to Africa’s indigenous groups and lands, all of which are captivating, highly unique and often very rare. However, Dogs of Africa is more than a discovery of dogs, it’s an adventure into the past and into exotic lands, and among mysterious peoples.

This book discusses each dog’s relationship to Africa’s peoples, delves into their romantic past such as the tombs of ancient Egypt, the birthing of Mesopotamia, nomadic warlike desert groups, pygmies of the deep rainforest, the great stone-walled city of Mapungubwe to name just a few topics. The dogs of Africa have been companions to pharaohs, gods in their own right, the hunters of cannibals, victims of King Shaka’s mfecane, the darlings of the hoi-poloi, the protector of the settler, the hunter of lion, and the little bundle on the ash heap of an African village.

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