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Ridgebacks of Africa

Tambuku Ridgebacks -- Health, Temperament, Working Ability, Form and Beauty

Tambuku Rhodesian Ridgebacks trace their lines back to the old classic kennel names such as Glenaholm, Isimanga, Mushana, and the more recent South African Kennels of Pronkberg, Roodedraai, and Cartouche.

While imported blood from American and Australian lines have been introduced into Tambuku's bloodlines to open up our gene pool, the imported hounds have been bred, and are bred, to hounds of the older, now increasingly rarer African lines. Tambuku ascribes to the older, more classic look, or working-type Ridgebacks who are comfortable in the African landscape.

A more recent litter has continued to produce substantial elegant hounds that will be used for showing purposes, and bred to continue this morphological type, but also bred to our older working and traditional African lines.

Working as an anthropologist and researcher in the Drakensberg mountains of KwaZulu Natal and the Orange Free State, and in the bushveld, I am able to observe my dogs move and behave in a natural manner in the setting for which they were bred, and among African fauna such as Eland antelope, smaller antelope like Reedbuck and Duiker, Caracal, Jackal and Leopard. It is to retain these characteristics that Tambuku has adopted as it's objective in it's breeding program.


Tambuku Yesaba Bobese's last litter (bred by Scotty Stewart of Clachlan Kennels) have been placed in homes located in private game reserves, and with conservators, hunters and field workers in South Africa and Canada. Their progress as workers in a natural environment, and with various types of wildlife will be closely monitored.

It is Tambuku Kennel's wish to continue to produce original classic-type Rhodesian Ridgebacks that are both able to hold their own in the show ring, but with the desire and ability to work in their natural environment and with wildlife. It is important to us that our hounds retain their strong protective instincts and "bush-sense" without acquiring an innate aggression.

While Tambuku Kennels encourage their pups to be used as bushworkers, aiding and accompanying conservationists in the African, and other wilderness, we are unwilling to let puppies go to homes that use dogs very specifically for sport hunting, most especially on game that can seriously injure hounds.We will not let our puppies go to homes which use dogs for hunting bushpig, leopard, jackal or caracal. Our dogs are intended to aid humans in the African bush and landscape in their daily tasks. Our pups are well suited to wildlife conservationists and farmers, foresters, to people who love to hike and walk in the outdoors, people who want a personal protector in rural areas and towns.

Each and every dog produced at Tambuku Kennels is very highly valued and cared for. We go to great lengths to make our hounds feel loved, secure and protected and would ask that every home our occasional litters may go to will continue to do the same.

Our concern to keep and produce hounds that have high working and functional potential  without the exaggeration of form that is becoming a trend among show dogs of the breed.



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